Zorb-IT Umbrella dehumidifier is a great device to reduce moisture and eradicate dampness, fungus, mould and odor. It is suitable for hanging in unventilated spaces, such as cars, wardrobes, kitchens and bedrooms. Creative hanging umbrella shape, beautiful and practical.

    Zorb-IT Umbrella Moisture Absorber helps prevents growth of mold, fungus & odor & keeps areas smelling fresh. It is a leak proof device that entraps moisture leaving the surrounding dry and moisture free.


    • Eliminates the need to install expensive electrical dehumidifiers.
    • Leakproof outer case to ensure there are no leakages.
    • Variants-with Lavender fragrances and without fragrance
    • Easy to dispose
    • Lasts upto 3 months
    • Easy to hang and install.
    Brand Zorb-IT
    Color Transparent
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 30 x 27 x 9 cm
    Weight 1090 Grams

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