Zorbit Container Gel also reduces the chances of container rain, which occurs due to condensation of water on containerand then dripping on the packaged goods.

    This is formulated using a unique desiccant formulated with a super absorbent gelling agent. The absorbed moisture is immediately converted into gel and the water gets entrapped within the pouch without dripping or leaking out of the pouch.

    The Zorb-It Container Gel has the capability to absorb as much as 325% of moisture (W/w) without releasing water.

    The moisture absorption process is rapid and continuous due to the specialized chemicals, which absorb moisture at all humidity ranges. This effectively reduces dew-point within 4-5 minutes of placing the desiccant within enclosed volume. It has the capability to reduce the relative humidity to below 20-30% RH within a short span of time.

    This product is ideal for exports of coffee, cocoa, soyabean, rice, wheat or other grains, garments, lumber, furniture, electronics, steel, chemicals etc.

    This also complies to the new FCC guidelines for shipment of cocoa beans in containers.

    Zorbit Gel Container Desiccant

    Shipping containers are always at threats of moisture devastating impact, because day to day elevation of moisture inside the container leads to mold, mildew, fungus formation, soggy smell, rusting of metal parts and even leads to condensation so called as Container Rain. Various commodities like food products, Pharmaceutical products, electrical & electronics goods, metal parts and automobile accessories are at the higher risk due to elevated humidityZorbit Gel with has 325% adsorption capacity will provide 100% protection during the whole voyage.
    While using desiccant one can maintain the integrity and quality of products being exported and will be free from the high risk of rejection and losses.
    To counter act such threats Zorbit offers container desiccant which control the moisture effectively and lowers the dew point inside the container. Zorbit Gel will protect all types of commodity like leather, food, pharmaceuticals, glass, metal, automobile and many more. Zorbit Gel is environmentally safe can be disposed of as a normal waste. It works on the principle of equilibrium offer the protection for more than 50 days.

    How Zorbit Gel Works

    • Container desiccants are to absorb the water vapour entering the container due to container breathing.
    • Water Vapour infiltration over the total voyage is calculated and then the equivalent amount of container desiccant quantity is calculated based on its capacity.
    • Process Methodology for container desiccants calculation
    • Daily temperature variation is calculated to calculate total air breathing in container.
    • Total water vapour in the infiltrated air is calculated.
    • Container desiccant quantity Calculation.


    Historical data Values obtained from data loggers of a voyage were considered for calculations
    Sizes & Variants
     Zorbit Container Gel Hanger  Weight  Bag Size  Protects Pcs/Carton kg/carton
    Model No.  Grams WXL inches Cu ft Numbers kg
    Zorbit Gel Pouch 125 No  25 5″ x 6″ 10 100 12.5
    Zorbit Gel Pouch 250 No 250 5″ x 10″ 20 20 12.5
    Zorbit Gel Pole 500 Yes 500 5″ x 20″ 40 25 12.5
    Zorbit Gel Pole 750 Yes 750 5″ x 30″ 60 15 11.25
    Zorbit Gel Pole 1000 Yes 1000 5″ x 40″ 80 10 10
    Zorbit Gel Pole 1500 Yes 1500 5″ x 60″ 120 6 9
    Zorbit Container Gel Bag 1000 Yes 1000 12″ x 15″ 80 10 10
    Zorbit Container Gel Bag 1500 Yes 1500 15″ x 20″ 120 6 9
    Zorbit Container Gel Bag 2000 Yes 2000 15″ x 20″ 150 5 10

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