We are a global pioneer in stopping moisture damage in container transport


Calcium chloride is highly effective, it is one of the most hygroscopic materials when it comes to absorb moisture from surrounding air. It is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Calcium chloride desiccants work well over a temperature range from freezing point up to 80°C or more. Calcium chloride is the active compound in all Zorbit products.

Desiccant Vs No Desiccant

Blue line indicates change in moisture in a container reaching to 95%

Red line indicates change in Temperature

Addition of Zorbit stabilises continuous evaporation and condensation despite of temperature changes

Blue line stabilises indicating no condensation or evaporation with temperature changes

Zorbit Key Features

  • Overall most ECONOMICAL Solution to Export Container Moisture and/or HUMIDITY Problems
  • LONGEST Absorption Capacity i.e. up to 180 Days
  • NO LEAKAGE even if saturated
  • MAXIMUM Absorption up to 300% + on High Seas at 95% Relative Humidity and 25 Degree Celsius Temperature
  • Eco-Friendly DISPOSABILITY
  • Used in PAPER, PHARMA, METALS, WOOD & ALLIED Industries

Adsorption Capacity Comparison Silica vs Clay vs Zorbit Gel

Whopping 310% capacity vs 40% of silica gel

Absorption Capacity Data of Zorbit Gel over 10 days

Whopping 300%
Adsorption capacity

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