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Shipping containers are always at threats of moisture devastating impact, because day to day elevation of moisture inside the container leads to mold, mildew, fungus formation, soggy smell, rusting of metal parts and even leads to condensation so called as Container Rain. Various commodities like food products, Pharmaceutical products, electrical &electronics goods, metal parts and automobile accessories are at the higher risk due to elevated humidity. Desiccant with clay and having 100% adsorption capacity will provide 100% protection during the whole voyage.

While using desiccant one can maintain the integrity and quality of products being exported and will be free from the high risk of rejection and losses.


In larger volumetric products the pouches need to be hanged within the containers or machines or process equipment to reduce the humidity levels.

Zorb-IT Pole contains a set of 4 pouches onto a string weighing 1 kg.The string has a hanger on top to allow it to be hanged inside the container or on machines as well as equipment.

It is effective in protecting the equipment from large humidity influx.

The Zorb-IT Pole also contains VCI chemicals to take care of corrosive action of the humidity if it settles onto metal equipment.

Zorb-IT desiccants are natural yet special clays which are activated to absorb moisture. These are used to control the relative humidity in the enclosed packaging system where damp environments can cause problems. Zorb-IT has been developed to overcome the common and vexing problem of humidity damage to valuable commodities during transport through wildly differing and challenging climactic conditions. Zorb-IT can be used in wide range of commercial and domestic applications such as for textiles, food products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive components, grains as well as for defence applications.