Zorbit 1215



Zorb-IT desiccants are specially formulated dehumidifiers to control the relative humidity in the enclosed packaging system where damp environments can cause problems. The issues caused by excessive moisture can be corrosion in metallic and automotive components during storage and exports, fungal developments in textiles and garments,circuitry issues in electronic goods, mold development in leather goods, dampness in pharmaceutical products and tarnishing of brass,copper and silver.

Due to the changes in temperature and volume of air, the moisture is sucked into the container by the process of container breathing. this moisture then condenses or gets absorbed resulting in a detrimental effect on the articles packed. Zorb-it helps in adsorption and retention of this moisture within the Zorb-IT Desiccant pouch.

Zorbit-IT 1215 is based on Special Chemistry which comprises of Type A chemicals that absorb humidity from within the pack and then entrap them within Type B molecules of Super Absorbant Chemicals which have the capability to absorb and get up o retain the moisture