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Some words about Zorbit Usa and Rust-X

RUST-X USA is the market leader of Corrosion Prevention Solution globally & manufacturing over 150 products in three manufacturing locations. USA, France & India. RUST-X USA caters to over 10000 customers with presence globally.

The group is in existence for more than 30 years.RUST-X USA is the fastest growing Rust Preventives Manufacturer in the American industry with growth rates of more than 100% year on year for the last 4 years.

Corrosion Prevention Solution  5 units
USA, France, India
moisture  150+
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desiccant  200+
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 moisture  T.A.
C.Knoop Australia
 zorbit usa  Growth in
Turnover YOY
desiccant  10000+
 zorbit usa 100%
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What clients say

  • Excellent product, conveniently packaged and compact enough to be used in small containers, or adequate for large areas like a gun safe. Good too that the indicators on each package show when the packet is saturated with moisture. It can then be placed in an oven on low heat, moisture removed, and ready again for use,

    Diana Richards
  • The product was as advertised and arrived quickly. The customer service was great. i had a question and they responded the same day with all the info i needed. They even had a suggestion for the future that included a product recommendation that will be easier to use and be reusable.

    Anna White
    loyal client
  • These packs are perfect for controlling moisture in ammo cans. I toss a pouch in each of my ammo cans and everything has stayed nice’n dry. I think the pricing is a bit steep, but still worth it to keep my ammo dry.

    Jacob Firebird
    happy client
  • Desiccant arrived in sealed pouch. Good price and value. Great addition when storing ammo. I would recommend this item for the value and quality.

    George Green
    Happy Client
  • I gave it a 5 rating as it is hard to find in this small size & I’ll be using for several products, one being a hearing aid which I will place the packet in a small plastic container to keep it moisture free,not wanting to pay the outrageous price a hearing aid clinic gets. I’ll also be using it for my cameras, field glasses, & future cameras I purchase from B&H.

    Stefan Sweet
    happy client
  • Exactly what I wanted for under my house to absorb the moisture.

    Miriam Orange
    Happy Client
  • These work great for reducing moisture in my shipping boxes. Price is good and prompt delivery.

    Alex Violet
    happy customer